Roma, was absolutely not, built in a day.

Over the past few weeks I've been really contemplating what I would like to achieve over the next year... And if I'm being completely honest, I don't even know.

I feel like so many people can relate to that right now.

My current situation is that I want to create as many trendy old granny knits as I possibly can in the space of about 2 hours a day... IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. Let me tell you, if you think for one second this shit is easy its bloody not! (ps. sorry for swearing... get used to it... I do it a lot)

In the mix of all this loveliness I am finding myself knitting a lot and I mean a lot of new born items, including the most gorgeous bobble knit blankets... Which I love!

The unfortunate matter at hand, which is kind of back handed because its not unfortunate at all... Is that I'm actually really struggling to keep up with demand for these blankets... WHICH IS GREAT, but everyone is having babies and there's only so much my little hands can take!

However, despite my complaining I absolutely adore the little crib blankets... Which are not under any circumstances little at all and are actually quite big to say they're for a crib, which should be small? Anyway, I digress. These 'little' crib blankets are literally the most gorgeous thing I could possibly offer a set of newbie parents! Plus, although I hate myself for saying it... They would make the most gorgeous heirloom for future children and their children's children and so on.

Anyway, back to my original point... I feel like I want to achieve so much over the next year and lets be honest I'm pretty behind on my new years resolution, but maybe I should try and set a goal every 6 months. Something achievable, you know, finish a blanket within 2 weeks, or... release a pattern every month. I don't know... What is achievable for a knitter who works full time as a Apparel Designer only to continue the fun as a Knitwear Designer after a long 9 hours in the office everyday!

I don't know what I want to do or where I want to be, all I know is I bloody love to knit and I want you all to experience something knitted by me, Bri.

At some point somewhere, hopefully around the Chesterfield & Sheffield area, around November time, I want you to all experience my knits and workshops at a couple of craft fairs I will hopefully attending. This providing I actually get a product range together in the next few months and actually make them... It's actually fine, I am actually half way through the list and I've already started so all is well!

Anyway for a preview of what you should start to expect from me over the next few months, check out my Shop and my Instagram for cheeky little prod drops, sneaky peeks at my up and coming patterns and discounts of course! Which let me tell you will be roughly around each product launch! That's right... Take note my beauties!

Any whooooo... I leave you with an inspirational quote that is relevant to my rant.

Roma, was absolutely not, built in a day.

Paraphrased from my Auntie Sandra who is, absolutely, a babe!

** Coming Soon **

The Auralia Super Chunky Knit Crib Blanket